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Energy efficiency and saving money is top of mind for homeowners. Upgrading insulation can decrease utility bills by up to 50%! Many homes were built long before Ontario building code requirements for insulation were available or before builders truly understood how ventilation and other factors affect efficiency. Prior to the enactment of the first Ontario Building Code Act in 1974, individual municipalities were responsible for developing their own building codes, resulting in a fragmented and potentially confusing regulations. Building code changes have happened and will continue to update.

Why is this important? Big changes are coming! Ontario is set to make the HER&D Home Energy Rating & Disclosure mandatory on home sale listings in 2019. The Ontario Home Builders’ Association (OHBA) and Ontario Real Estate Board (OREA) are currently going head-to-head over the changes, keeping their members interests in mind.

Suggest an Energy Audit to Clients

An energy evaluation is simply an assessment of the home’s energy use. Its outcomes can help homeowners decide what actions to take to improve their homes energy efficiency, comfort, and worth.

While energy evaluation information is typically not included on home listings alongside the number of bedrooms and square footage, it can often be found in the multiple listing service, which has more specific details to share with clients. As you are aware, only licensed real estate agents can view specific details on MLS, so you will begin to receive inquiries if an energy evaluation was performed. If not, it can be requested during the home inspection.

A home energy evaluation, like EnerGuide,  measures a home’s overall energy performance and indicate which renovations would save the most on an energy bill, and show how a home’s energy performance compares with other homes in the area.  The energy audit information will offer more insight into the home’s true energy potential than a review of past utility bills. That’s because the energy audit will tell prospective homeowners how the home is built, not how the home has been used by past owners. 

For owners and sellers, having an energy evaluation done can be a powerful selling tool—or a wake-up call if it comes back low. During the home sale process this evaluation, or lack thereof, could be yet another important variable in the marketability of a home, especially in a competitive market. A Home Energy Audit could become a bargaining chip during negotiations, or a hindrance if a seller doesn’t have the report completed prior to listing.

As a first step, the evaluation will help homeowners prioritize and make informed decisions on which upgrades to invest in. You can be that driving force by making the recommendation to get an energy audit completed before listing. You can also use an energy audit to educate and benefit your clients who are looking to buy a home.  

How Trillium East Insulation Is Involved

It is important to note we do not conduct energy evaluations. They are conducted by reputable 3rd party companies. We can offer local recommendations if needed, just give us a call to inquire.

Many times, the top result during the energy evaluations is a need for upgraded insulation. That is where we come in! The best way to ensure your clients are following Ontario building code requirements for insulation upgrades is to have a professional contractor like Trillium East Insulation Inc. perform the installation. 

Our goal is to keep up with the latest in building techniques and training, insulation products and systems, while taking quality and customer service to new levels. You can trust us to take care of your clients, just as you do.
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