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Melanie Ledger

Melanie Ledger

What to Know about your crawlspace

An un-insulated crawlspace causes problems in the long-term

After a recent surge in inquiries about what crawlspace insulation is all about, we decided to answer your questions and provide more information in our blog!

Please do reachout with any additional questions you my have.

Just what is a crawlspace?

Crawlspaces are very rare as part of new home construction. They were popular in older homes that were built without central air conditioning and were cooled by putting fans in the windows.

A crawlspace is a variation of basement in which one must crawl around due to height restrictions. It may be as small as a foot tall, and the surface is often bare earth. Traditionally, crawlspaces are built on homes lacking either a basement or that are not built on a concrete slab.

The primary purpose of a crawl space is to allow easy access to plumbing, electrical and other such maintenance, repair and installation needs as well as promote air circulation through the home.

Problems with crawlspaces

Remember that a house breathes from the ground up. As air enters the crawlspace and comes in contact with surfaces that have been cooled, condensation occurs. When condensation forms, you have the ideal environment for mold, mildew, odour, and the accompanying problems they create in your home. Crawlspaces are also prone to termite and other pest problems. All the above problems often lead to the deterioration of a home. Your entire home will become infected by poor air quality if this occurs, posing potential health concerns.

How Do I Fix It?

Spray foam insulation! Because it expands to fill gaps and cracks (from wiring and plumbing, ductwork, and narrow or wide joist spacing), spray foam is best used to air-seal and insulate the floor joist that extends around the house at the top of the foundation. This is where most energy-wasting air leakage takes place in a crawl space or basement. If your crawlspace has no insulation at all, 20% of the money you spend to heat your house is leaking straight through the floor.

Next Steps

Time to save that $$$ Give us a call 613-922-2259 for an estimate to spray foam your crawlspace.

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